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In this digital age, your sensitive papers and physical files can become obsolete — but are no-less confidential. Rather than tossing private documents into the trash, this information requires shredding to ensure efficient elimination.

We offer a variety of shredding and document disposal services to meet the unique needs of your business

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Mobile or Stationary

Secure Bins

Mobile Rolling Bins

32 Gallons--About 120lbs of paper

64 Gallons--About 240lbs of paper

Stationary Bins

20 Gallons--About 80lbs of paper

Flexible Service


Bins are serviced on schedules set based on usage trends, or on an as-needed basis. For special clean-up projects, extra bins can be ordered, delivered and removed.

On or Off-Site


Our mobile shredding truck drives to your office and shreds your items onsite. If your location doesn’t allow for immediate destruction of your documents, we swap your full bins with empty ones, secure them in our locked vehicle and transport them directly to the Pioneer warehouse for processing.

Records Management Division:  713.464.5024 phone | 713.464.5034 fax
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