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When you hand over your files and documents to Pioneer Records Management, we know we’re taking over valuable information. To ensure your data is safe and secure, while still providing you easy management and access, all items are labeled with a barcode and entered into our document management software. Every movement of every carton is tracked in and out of our warehouse, so we can locate your items anywhere in our secure facility.

Let Us Treat Your Documents With The Respect They Deserve!

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  • Every item or carton entering our warehouse is labeled with a barcode, scanned and recorded in our system — ensuring your files are easy to locate if you need them.


  • Our software and databases are mirrored on virtual servers across multiple Pioneer sites, so if one system falters, operations will continue seamlessly from another secure location


  • All our facilities are under constant, digitally recorded video surveillance.

  • Access to secure areas is limited to full-time, vetted employees.

  • Limited escort access to review room for contractors and visitors.


  • Documents are only transported in secure Pioneer vehicles.


  • Strict chain of custody processes are followed to ensure complete compliance and regulatory requirements.

Climate Control

  • Our facilities are kept at a steady temperature to prevent extreme heat or cold from damaging your documents.


  • Humidity controls are in place to prevent mold and mildew from the damp local weather.


  • In case of a natural disaster, our building is constructed with 9” thick concrete tilt walls and foundation, and is flood, wind and fire-proof.

Records Management Division:  713.464.5024 phone | 713.464.5034 fax
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