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Every business is different, so at Pioneer we ensure whatever service your company needs, we deliver.


The purpose of planning and coordination is to identify and document necessary actions to ensure that projects are accomplished on time, within budget, without incident and with minimal disruption to the work flow. Critical and sensitive requirements are identified and carefully scrutinized with the customer. It is important that strategic project schedules correspond with specific scope requirements.


You might be surprised that the cost to refurbish furniture is often less than the cost of new furniture. Consult with Pioneer before tossing out valued items. Refinishing can usually be done on-site if adequate ventilation is available. If not, the work can be done in Pioneer’s environmentally compliant finish and upholstery shop. We will make your treasured furniture look new again. If you have furniture items that are worth keeping but need to be renewed, let us show you how we can help.


Pioneer’s audio visual group will professionally arrange your conferencing furniture to accommodate varying seating requirements. We will maintain and operate your AV equipment to ensure performance and availability when needed. It is generally more productive and economical for Pioneer to provide your AV support rather than tasking personnel that are typically assigned to other duties within your company.


Pioneer provides turn-key furniture installation and reconfiguration services for any size project. Our expert design team can design a CAD workspace plan to meet your specific reconfiguration requirements. Our large fulltime staff of furniture technicians enables Pioneer to support several furniture activities simultaneously. Office furniture installations involve several key components including professionally trained and experienced furniture technicians, rigorous attention to detail, extensive pre-planning and thorough execution. Pioneer has successfully completed furniture installations for the most recognizable companies for over 40 years. Our furniture installation and reconfiguration experience is extensive.


Choose from a wide selection of fabrics, colors and textures to create a new company brand or to preserve your existing look and style. Samples can be viewed in our showroom or provided to you for your selection. Our experienced upholstery technicians can create masterpieces that will enhance your work environment. Let our professional upholstery specialist show you various possibilities.


Pioneer can provide a variety of support elements of your supply chain including management of inbound freight, warehousing, order fulfilment, distribution, outbound freight, labeling, pick and pack and cross docking services. We can customize a 3PL package to address your particular logistics needs. Pioneer can provide one or many of a variety of logistics-related services in support of your supply chain management functions. We will be delighted to discuss our 3PL capabilities and how we might streamline your supply chain objectives.

Find the support your business needs

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