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Relocation Services

  • Conference Room/Audio Visual Setup

  • Desktop Disconnect & Reconnect

  • IT Testing & Wire Management

  • Specialized Crating & Rigging

  • Asset Disposal & Recycling

  • Data Center & IT Relocation

  • Chair and Panel Cleaning

  • Space Decommissioning

  • Interior Space Design

  • Workplace Support

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We are committed to understanding YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS, and providing supportive CUSTOM BUSINESS SERVICES that exceed your expectations.

Project Planning & Coordination

There is a lot that goes into a successful commercial relocation, and it all starts with working with a company that understands the challenges of packing up and moving a business.  At Pioneer, we take care of all of the details by walking you through each stage of the process

Furniture Installation & Reconfiguration

Whether you are looking to make a change to 1 workstation, reconfigure an entire floor of cubicles, or explore cost saving options for the delivery and installation of your new office furniture, we are confident you will find Pioneer to be the outstanding choice as your project partner.


We can coordinate and schedule pickup and delivery of materials in accordance with your needs. Additional insurance requirements can be arranged. Special packing and handling of materials can be expertly performed by Pioneer’s packing and material handlers.

As your business needs and staffing changes, your company’s existing space may become inefficient for your business needs. When choosing to move into a new office is necessary, the task itself can look daunting. Pioneer’s experienced, in-house Relocation Specialist will develop a detailed plan to transfer your technology, furniture and equipment to your new location. Pioneer offers an extensive range of services which reduces the need to work with multiple vendors.  We offer flexible, customized solutions that simplify your office relocation process to save significant time and expense.


Moving, installing, and maintaining office furniture includes periods of potential chaos - you're moving your company's and employees' assets and possessions.  Whether personal or confidential, the collection, retention, and final distribution of these items must be handled by trustworthy, experienced professionals.  That's our Business Services team!  Office relocations and facility services is where we got our start over 45 years ago.  Our team is the best in the business, and certified to handle, move, store, and install every type of documentation, furniture, technology, and equipment your workspace has.

Leading the Way in Service & Safety

A "Top 100 Safest Company" by Texas Mutual Insurance

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